GOLD has been providing accurate, results oriented service to our offices for over 15 years.  We appreciate their timely manner in responding to our calls if we have any questions or concerns.  This company understands the business needs of our dental practices and has helped our offices, from training new staff to implementing an effective recall system.

Business Manager 

Our Office has had excellent service from Gold. The answers to our questions are addressed quickly and in a way that can be understood and implemented by all staff. 

Cathy Reid
RDA - Edmonton

The Gold software is well designed to handle the needs of today’s modern dental practice. They are always working to improve the software as our needs change. When we need help with a problem, they are very good about assisting us is a very quick manner. Gold by far provides the best product support out of anyone in the dental software industry.

Dr. Brian Fairbanks

We are loving the paperless Gold Clinical module and we can't imagine going back. It was like switching from a typewriter to a computer. It saves us so much time every day, I can't believe it.

Dr. Derrel Plackner
Red Deer