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Our product has evolved based on years of client and user feedback

Gold Clinical Module

Our Clinical Module is very intuitive and it thoughtfully integrates with the Gold Dental Software.

Paperless office

Our Clinical Module is an add-on package that provides dental offices with the ability to:

  • Do electronic input of all clinical notes
  • Scan in all paper correspondences
  • Medical histories
  • Prescriptions
  • Alerts

...all in one place that's easily and quickly accessible. This module offers more advanced dental offices with a paperless experience.


Here's a testimonial regarding our Clinical Module from one of our valued customers...

We are loving the paperless Gold Clinical module and we can't imagine going back. It was like switching from a typewriter to a computer. It saves us so much time every day, I can't believe it.

Dr. Derrel Plackner, Red Deer

The Gold Clinical Module is an add-on package priced at $2,300.00+GST. If you would like to have a Gold representative on-site to assist with implementation, this can be provided for an additional cost.

3 Minute Demo

Here is a 3 minute walk-thru of the latest version of our Gold Clinical Module. You will require your computer sound "on" or headphones for this short demo.

Let our software take your office to the next level of efficiency and data management.

Quickly and easily create clinical notes for each patient and easily refer back to them during future appointments.

Create a digital archive of all patient documents including letters and correspondences and then easily access these from the patient record.